The Packaging of Make-up & Its Environmental Hazards

I want you to take a moment and think about all of your favourite make-up products. Now, think about what they are packaged in. You should come to the conclusion that most of the cosmetics available are designed with some form of plastic packaging involved.


Once you have finished with a make-up product they will end up in the trash and soon-after the landfills or worse, they will make there way out into our environment.

After painting this picture in your mind, you might be inclined to wonder how you can buy make-up that is okay for the environment.

There are three options you can consider:

One: Don’t Buy/Use Make-up

This is the most extreme way to cut back on the harmful packaging of cosmetics, but it can also be the easiest. Instead of spending time/money/effort into make-up, use all of those resources into adopting a better, more natural skincare routine.

Two: Buy Eco-Friendly Make-up with Sustainable Packaging

There are a few brands out there promoting a more sustainable approach for beauty routines. Companies like Lush Cosmetics which has their new ‘Naked’ line of products with zero packaging and Elate Cosmetics who package their make-up in wood/plastic-free materials are all great choices when choosing this route of sustainable beauty.

If you are looking for Elate Cosmetics and live in the Moncton, Riverview, and Dieppe area, take a look at Sequoia. Locations for Sequoia include Trinity/Dieppe/Downtown. Find them here for more information.

Three: Get Crafty and DIY your Cosmetic Products

If you’re keen and have a few hours every so often, consider making your own beauty products. Things such as lip balms/lipsticks, toners, moisturizers, mascara, etc… can all be homemade if you have the right materials. This is a great option that can also make for a fun afternoon with your friends or family and the products you create can also serve as wonderful gifts for special occasions like birthdays.

For more DIY’s check out my blogs’ DIY section and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, keep an eye out as I will most likely post about it in the near future or send me a comment letting me know what you’re looking for.


The beauty industry takes the cheaper, less sustainable option of single-use plastics and billions are sold each day. It is important that we, as consumers become aware of these issues and take control of the situations ourselves. As consumers we hold a huge amount of power in how companies run based on what we buy, so make sure you use that power responsibly.

If you do want to switch to a more sustainable beauty routine, please remember that it takes time. The most important thing, is that you should not throw away any unused or used and already purchased make-up you have at home. Finish them and when they are gone or no longer okay to use, then you can dispose of them and begin with the more eco-friendly path you choose.

In the end, one of the most important things to remember is that the journey to a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle takes time and does not happen over night. Little changes will lead to a greater impact in the long run!




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