The Ten Best Plastic-Free Instagram Pages You Need to Follow Now

There are many ways to get inspiration as you maneuver yourself into living a more sustainable lifestyle. One way that I like to gain inspiration and ideas is through my Instagram feed. For this reason, I have began following these amazing accounts and since then I have decided to completely change my way of living in that I attempt to reduce my overall waste, in particular my single-use plastic waste. Here are the ten accounts I suggest you follow to feel inspired to make a change in your life to better the environment.

Number One: @ZeroWasteHome


Bea Johnson is considered the “Mother of the zero waste lifestyle movement” by CNN, as she has been advocating for the cause of reducing or eliminating waste in everyday life. Her Instagram feed is full of inspiration as she demonstrates her way of living to influence others to follow in her sustainable way of living. Through her bulk food photos to her outdoor adventures, she continuously motivates a fresher way of living life. Find her here.


Number Two: @PlasticFreeMermaid


@PlasticFreeMermaid, is passionate about the ocean and the harmful affects plastic has imposed on it. Through her advocating for the ocean and the demonstration of living plastic free, PlasticFreeMermaid helps her Instagram audience gain awareness and motivation to pursue a better, ecologically friendly life. Find her here.

Number Three: @PlasticFreedom_ 


Along with it being an Instagram page dedicated to demonstrating the benefits of living plastic free, it is also an online shop where you can find everything you need to live sustainably. They even have a monthly subscription box you can subscribe to and have different plastic-free products arrive at your door each month. Find her here.

Number Four: @Plastictides


This Instagram page is mostly dedicated to educating and raising the awareness of the harmful affects plastic plays on our oceans. It’s pictures reminds you of the disastrous consequences single-use plastics has on our environment and why avoiding them is so incredibly important. Find them here.

Number Five: @AWasteFreeWorld


This Instagram page highlights the issues with single-use plastic clearly and demonstrates our societies obsessive use of them as well. Pictures such as fruit or vegetables, like the banana you see above, covered in unnecessary packaging, along with other amazing photos to further demonstrate the need for change. Find them here.

Number Six: @ZeroWasteInspo


Just like their name, @ZeroWasteInspo serves as a collective account filled with various aesthetically pleasing pictures devoted to the plastic-free movement. There you can gain ideas on items you can replace in your home/life to use less waste and how to arrange those products in your home. Find them here.

Number Seven: 


Another one of my favourite accounts is Not only do they post the most stunning plastic-free images, as well as products, but they sell them too! The promotion of these products are continuously pleasing to the eyes and make you want to live simpler with less packaging. Find them here.


Number Eight: @ZeroWaste_Community 


Wow, I mean just look at that cupboard and fridge! A big issue with trying to go plastic free is the kitchen. It is easily the most difficult area to convert into a waste-free zone. Luckily Instagram pages, like @Zerowaste_Community help inspire ideas and methods you can apply to your homes to make the transition that much easier! Find them here.

Number Nine: @WasteFreePlanet


If my blog were an Instagram page (other than my own of course!), then it would be @WasteFreePlanet. They not only share incredible photos of how they live sustainably, but they also share ideas/DIY’s with their audience to help motivate and influence others into living eco-friendly! Find them here.

Number Ten: @PackageFreeShop 


The last Instagram page on my list is the @PackageFreeShop. They sell incredible waste-free products and feature them in photos on their lovely Instagram page. Even looking at plastic-free substitutes motivates me to continue in my personal quest to living sustainably. Find them here.

There is something about looking through my feed during the day that keeps me on track with my goals and excites me about living environmentally conscious. Perhaps that ‘something’ is awareness of the devastation that single-use plastics wreck on our environment… Whatever it is that motivates you to be better for yourself and the environment around you, you should indulge in it, for me that sometimes means looking through Instagram! So if like me, you can’t get enough of that social media platform, I strongly suggest following these creative and devoted individuals who are raising awareness one post at a time.

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