Bulk Food Stores

Grocery shopping can make living a plastic-free lifestyle difficult. The issue is that supermarkets tend to package materials in a plethora of plastic instead of recyclable materials such as glass or compostable paper/cardboard. In contrast to this, bulk food stores allow you to gather most of your grocery list while using your own jars or containers. Many bulk food stores also sell glass jars at their store for convenience. This is why bulk food stores are efficient for those who want to live a plastic-free life or simply want to reduce their use of plastic packaging.



Many of the products that you can often find at these bulk food stores include:



Grains (Rice, Quinoa, Pasta, Oats)

To find bulk food stores near you, you can google ‘bulk food store’ followed by your city/town’s name.


If you live in the Moncton, Riverview, Dieppe area here are a few options



In Conclusion… 

Bulk food stores are a great alternative to buying plastic-free necessities for your cupboards. It is these little changes that will help you on your way to a plastic-free lifestyle, which in return will help the environment.



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