How To Relax This Holiday Season

The Christmas season isn’t always completely magical. It comes with a lot of stress for a lot of people. You want to make sure you have the right gifts, delicious food, and of course having family over in itself can be stressful.

So, what are some ways where you can actually fit time in for yourself to relax? How would you even relax when you have so much to do and in so little time? This blog post will provide you with the answers to these questions and more.

Practice Mindfulness 

Quite often we are too wrapped up in our day to day life and forget to be fully aware. To be fully aware, one must not only focus on their surroundings but themselves as well. It is a form of meditation.

How to Practice Mindfulness:

Begin by closing your eyes and sitting with your back up straight, shoulders up and relaxed.

Now, inhale through your nose. Allow the air to fill your lungs and hold it there for a moment.

Exhale through your mouth and repeat this process.

While doing this, notice how you’re breathing. Watch how your mind wanders off and gently bring it back to the present moment. It is important to acknowledge when your mind drifts off but more important that we bring it back into focus.

Keep breathing, in then out. So often, as we go along in practice you may notice your back slouch. When you are aware of this, straighten it and continue your practice.

If you do this for 10-20 minutes a day, you should notice you are more relaxed and your mind will drift off less and less frequently as you practice.

The App : Calmimg_1259

This is the ultimate app for relaxing. It has so many different segments! There is a menu once you have logged in that can connect you to them. There are a home, sleep, meditate, music, and more section.

The Home section monitors your mindfulness process.

The Sleep section includes stories to help you relax as you fall asleep but it can be used whenever you’re in need of peace in your day.

The Meditate section gives you the opportunity to practice mindfulness in a guided way. This might be helpful when beginning.

The Music section features many different soothing music for relaxing. This can be played before bed, in your car, or when you’re wrapping presents.

The More features include calm kids, calm masterclass, calm body, breathe, scenes, profile, and settings.


Finding Time 

Of course binging Netflix is great and all, but finding moments in your day is a lot easier to find then what you think. You don’t need hours, just some key moments in your day to day life. Whether you’re in the car on commute, gift-wrapping, or preparing a meal, there is always a way to find relaxation.

My challenge for you is to try these methods out over the holidays and see if they make a difference in your life. If they are, consider continuing them into the new year.




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