Holiday Decorations 2018

In previous blog posts, I have gushed about my mum’s decorating skills as it never seizes to amaze me. However, this year she has really outdone herself with our holiday decorations and I felt the need to show you all her incredible talent.

Our Christmas Tree 

This year we got a new Christmas tree after having our previous one for seven years. It was a huge change but definitely one for the better. To go with our new tree, my mum purchased some new, gorgeous ornaments. Deciding to stick with a classic theme and certain colours of silvers, whites, and golds, the tree looks perfect for the holidays.

The Legacy Forrest 

Another addition to the Legacy holiday decorations are our little forrest on our blue storage cabinet. The different designs of wooden trees make it look so authentic and chic.  What really throws the whole decoration over the top though are the little wired lights that encircle the trees. At nighttime it really does look magical.

Kitchen Table Garland 

With our style of kitchen table, it’s not difficult to find a stunning decoration that fits. However, I love the simple choice my mum made with the burlap runner and beautiful piece of garland. Again, following the colours, the garland has tones of sliver and white through-out it with the ornaments. It’s simple design adds the perfect touch to our kitchen table.

As you can tell, decorating for the holidays is a really important part of my families holiday festivities. Making the area as decorated as possible lifts the holiday spirits and makes the holiday more special for everyone that is welcomed into our home. What is your favourite holiday decoration? Let me know in the comments below!

Merry Blogmas,



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