DIY Holiday Cards

One of the easiest and most inexpensive things to give this holiday season (other than kindness) is a lovely Christmas card. This year I have designed a simple yet festive holiday card to to hand out to family and friends. How I made them is incredibly easy, doesn’t take up a lot of time, and all or most of the materials you should be able to find laying about. With this said, let’s get started!



What you’ll need: 

White Card Stock (normal paper might be too flimsy)

Small White Envelopes


Pieces of Pine Needle (see picture)

Black Pen

Stickers or Wax Letter Seals

Hot Glue Gun with Glue

Directions: Outside of the Card 

First you are going to want to draft up what you would like to say on everyone’s card. I recommend doing this first on a piece of loose leaf or a word document. That way you can focus on how you write later on instead of what you should write.

Once you have your thoughts and sentiments down, measure your card stock paper with the envelope. Using a pencil, mark where you should cut. As a helpful suggestion, you should fold your card stock paper before you do this.

After you have cut your card stock paper to fit nicely in your chosen envelope, you are going to want to grab the twine. Measure the two pieces of twin lengthwise and widthwise of the card. Once you know how long you need both pieces, cut them. Like a present you are going to now place them in a cross like shape and hot glue them down to the card stock. Let it dry and then go in and remove any stray away pieces of glue.

Tip: If you find it hard to get the stray away pieces of glue, use a pair of nail scissors. It will be less likely for the twine to get detached this way.

Now that the twine is nicely applied to the card stock, grab the piece of pine needles and attach it to the middle of the twine cross shape using hot glue. Be careful to not burn yourself.

The outside of the letter is complete! Now you can go on and add things to this design if it is too simple for your taste!

Directions: Inside of the Card

Moving onto the inside, you can use a calligraphy pen if you have one, but I used a normal black pen and tried to follow the formations of what a calligraphy pen can do naturally.

It is up to you on how you would like to write the inside. For example you might just write in cursive or stick to your usual handwriting. Every type of handwriting works with this design.

Once you know how you want to write it, just copy what you drafted onto the card.

Directions: The Envelope 

Once the card is finished, you can slide it into the envelope and seal it. There are a couple of different ways you can seal it.

First Option: you can purchase (unless you already have it) some stickers that work well for sealing envelopes.

See here for an example.

Second Option: you can use a wax seal. This is a more expensive option but it does add something special to your letters.

Find a set here.

After you have sealed your letter, you can finish the process by addressing it on the front. I recommend writing their name(s) in cursive and not normal handwriting but of course that is up to you in the end.

There you have it, a beautiful letter design for the holidays. Let me know if you try this out by posting a picture with the hashtag (#AshleyLegacyBlogmasDIY). I would love to see a few of your DIY letters for this season!

Happy Creating,



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