Cozy Winter Sweaters You Need In Your Wardrobe

Embrace winter with open arms this year by investing in some comfortable yet chic sweaters. I have found a few beautiful styles of sweaters that make perfect additions to your winter wardrobe! From cable knits to wrapped sweaters, the hottest trends are down below.

The Yellow Cable Knit


Winter can be dull but it doesn’t mean your sweaters have to be! This yellow cable knit brings a feeling of sunshine and helps one to stand out and be noticed for all of the right reasons. This classic style mixed with a bold colour work wonders during this time of the year.

Find the one pictured above here.


The Ribbed Grey Turtleneck 

This classic version of the turtleneck is incredibly chic. As you can see from the picture, the sleeves are wider giving it an oversized appearance. Not only is this in style right now but it also makes for a very comfortable outfit. Whether you pair it with a skirt and belt like in the picture, or a pair of jeans, it goes with everything. It’s a great piece to add to your wardrobe because of this versatility and classical form.

Find this exact one here.




The Let It Snow img_1211

Let your inner child run free in this grey and white sweater from HM. The little pompoms on it are adorable and the wording is lovely. It would be the best sweater imaginable to wear on a cold and snowy day. Definitely Instagram worthy as well!

Available here.




The Teddy Bear Sweater img_1215

I don’t know about you but I would love to feel cozy like I’m in a fleece blanket even when I’m out and about. This sweater instantly reminded me of a teddy bear. It’s fleece like material is sure to keep you warm in the winter, not to mention it can be styled in a more fashion forward sense, as seen in the picture. It is the perfect, ‘let’s go grab coffee’ kind of sweater.

You can find it here.



The Knotted Back

This sweater design is very unique. It is like the mullet’s of sweaters, very simple and business like in the front but a party in the back. It is the intricate design in the back that truly makes this sweater pop. I personally prefer it in neutral tones or the fiery red colour.

Take a look here.


The Wrapped Sweater

Every girl needs a wrapped sweater in her wardrobe. They are very classy looking for a night out but are also incredibly comfortable making them a closet essential. As it is made with extra fine materials, it would not be necessarily warm but that’s what a gorgeous coat is for anyways!

Find the one pictured below here.



Staying comfortable and warm this season just got so much easier, not too mention you will look great while doing so! Let me know in the comments below if you have a favourite winter sweater and perhaps post a picture on my Facebook page or send it on Instagram and I’ll feature it on my Instagram story!

Stay Warm,



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