Christmas Shopping At Homesense

One of the best places to go shopping is Homesense, especially around the holidays! However, I’m the worst person to go with as I want to look at everything. Luckily my good friend, Emma was able to put up with me when we went today.

I haven’t actually been to the large shop yet in McAllister so that was the one we decided to go to. What I thought was really interesting was that their partner store, Marshalls was also conjoined with Homesense to make it one giant store. It had everything you could ever want and more!

Obviously I wasn’t planning on buying anything clothing related as Homesense doesn’t usually carry clothes but of course, I saw this lovely set of Winter pyjamas that I just couldn’t say no to. They have this adorable french bulldog pattern on them and yes, I put them on as soon as I got back to my dorm room.

What I was really going to look for was a little something special for my Bulldogs, London and Watson. Homesense’s selection of pet supplies is amazing, especially for dog owners like myself. After looking through all of the toys I settled with these two.

The little festive bear is going to go to London, while the santa-approved reindeer will go to Watson. I really think they will enjoy these toys and I seriously can’t wait to see them when I go home for the holidays.

As I have said before, I can’t go into Homesense and not take a look around at everything.  One thing that I seriously love about this shop is their Christmas tree decorations. Like many other stores they have packages of bauble sets, but I really like that they also have a separate spot on the wall for a range of different ornaments to hang. They are always so eclectic and adorable.

For instance I found this really adorable fox ornament that I am now cursing myself for putting back. The one problem with shopping there is that you put things back and then you can never find them again. So make sure that if you see something you really love, to just buy it then. That way you won’t feel the way I’m feeling now.

If you have read all of my blogmas posts, you can probably recall me mentioning this store in terms of their fabulous wrapping papers and other wrapping essentials. Each time I go into this shop around the holidays I always end up taking a look despite having wrapped all of my presents.

They also have a really spectacular section for holiday cards. Those are perfect for sending to loved ones that are farther way, people you work with, friends, etc.. However, I didn’t actually pick any up as I am going to try and DIY some this year. Don’t worry that blog post will be coming soon!

The decorations are so well-made and gorgeous! I can browse through all of the holiday wreaths, candles, trees, and other pieces of festive decorations for hours. I was particularly drawn to these wreaths and this immaculate (near life-sized) reindeer.

Christmas just isn’t Christmas until I’ve had a chance to go to Homesense and browse. The overall experience of it makes me feel incredibly festive and happy. Where is a place that you like to go to feel this way? Let me know in the comments.

Until tomorrow,

Ashley Legacy


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