Gifts For Him Under $20

As promised in yesterday’s blog post, I have composed a list of incredible items for any and all the men in your life. All items can be found on Amazon and for your convenience I have attached a link if you’re interested in the item.


Hanes Pyjama Pants

One of the greatest gifts you can give is the gift of comfort. These pyjama pants look very cozy and are perfect for lounging around.

Find them here.






Toiletry Travel Bag

As a traveler, I discovered this and thought about how perfect it would be for this list. This compact toiletry bag can easily fit in any luggage or carry-on making it easy and perfect for the on-the-go traveler.

Find this one here.




Tie and Pocket Square

Whether the man you’re buying for wears a tie daily for work or is in need of special occasion tie, I have found the perfect one. This comes from Amazon and has many colours to choose from. I especially enjoy it in the black with the design as it looks quite classy.


Find an assortment of colours and patterns here.



White T-Shirts

Long live the classic white t-shirt! Everyone’s wardrobe is not complete without a couple of well-made white t-shirts. Whether its to lounge in or dress casually with a nice denim jean, they are perfect. This is why you should consider gifting it.

Find a pack of two here. 816bOgiASAL._UX679_.jpg



The Duduma aviator sunglasses are classic and this pair in black is definitely the way to go. The colour and classic frame style go with absolutely any and all outfits. Not to mention, this particular pair comes with a protective case.

Find it here.



Christmas Socks 

Just like my gift guide for her blog post, I thought guys could also benefit from some festive socks. This pack of three are perfect!

Find the set of three here.




Guys smell which is normal. However, you can make sure that it is a better smell by purchasing them some nice deodorant. Personally, I love the smell of Old Spice but the kind is completely up to you.

Find this one here.




Game Of Thrones Mug img_1076

 Winter is coming which makes this mug perfect for sipping on some coffee to warm up. While they are at it, they might as well catch up on The Game of Thrones.

Find it here.




A Book Of Dad Jokes 

All guys have to have some good dad jokes up their sleeves. To educate them, consider this book for under $10! This can also be a lot of fun during Christmas morning as they go through to find their favourites.

Find a copy here.





Goodfellas 0085391163121_p0_v2_s550x406

This iconic film is wonderful for gifting! After all a perfect film makes for a perfect gift!

Find a copy here.





AUX cord

An AUX cord is the best way to show your appreciation for someones taste in music. Gifting this let’s someone know that it’s okay for them to blast their music in the car even  if it’s not exactly what you’d listen to.

Find one here.


Household Tool Kit

This handy toolkit has everything you could possibly need for around the house at a fraction of the price. It is so convenient and easy to store away. Making it a perfect gift and if my dad didn’t already own an excessive amount of tools he’d be getting this under the tree!

Find it here.


Hopefully this makes your Christmas shopping a lot easier!

Let me know how your Christmas shopping is getting along in the comments.

Until tomorrow,

Ashley Legacy


One thought on “Gifts For Him Under $20

  1. Thank you for your suggestions! Personally, I always struggle the most with choosing a gift for my dad, as he seems to have everything and doesn’t want me to spend money on gifts for him. This year, my brother and I are going for opera tickets as we know it is something he enjoys. They are a bit more expensive but tickets for a special event are undeniably a good option for people who have everything.

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