Gifts For Her Under $20

Whether you are buying for your mother, wife, daughter, sister, girlfriend, or friend I have compiled a list of amazing gifts for all the women in your life. These items are inexpensive but effective in terms of gifting.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe

71rKjeg-THL._SY679_.jpgA current craze in the skincare world happens to be this facial spray by Mario Badescu. It works wonders on the skin by moisturizing and brightening the face. This high-end looking spray is also inexpensive rounding to only $10.

Find the spray here.


Yes, the scrunchy fad from the 90’s is back. Many girls are obsessing over this hair accessory and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t into it. Scrunchies don’t pull at hair like normal elastics do and that helps to keep hair healthy which is an added bonus to how cute they can be with some outfits.

Find a great set here.

Headphone Cord Organizer 


One of the most annoying frustrations I have is when I go to grab my headphones and have to spend a good five minutes untangling them. This headphone organizer can be so effective and save a lot of time for someone. They are particularly useful for when you place them in a book bag, purse, gym bag, etc…

Find a multitude of colours here.


Burts Bees Lip Balm 

Burts Bees products are known to be incredible and it’s not just for how well their products work but also for how environmentally friendly the company is. I have tried their lip balm and it works wonders on chapped lips, which is why I had to include them in this gift guide.

Find this set here.

Wine Stopper 


Obviously this gift will depend if the person you’re shopping for drinks or not, and if they enjoy wine should they drink. Amazon has a few really nice wine stoppers and the ones I picked out look really neat but they have a lot to choose from so take your time and pick out the right one.

Find a few here. 

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck Book

The reviews for this best-selling book are phenomenal and as a self-help book it steers away from the philosophical underlining of many other books that aim to do the same or similar thing. This makes it a fan favourite and a perfect addition for one’s bookshelf. Unknown.jpeg

Find the book here.

The Q & A a Day Book 

This journal is an incredible and unique gift idea. Each day, one has to write a response to a question in the book for one year. The following five years will ask the same questions but one can see how much they have changed over time. It sounds like a lot of work but realistically it would take less than five minutes a day to do and the results would be so interesting! I have given this gift before and my friend has loved watching the differences in her answers. Her adoration for this workbook is why I had to include it to this gift guide.

Find it here.


Silver Hoop Earrings 

You can never go wrong with a classic piece of jewelry and silver hoops are just that! They go with so many different outfits and it is because of this that they are essential for any jewelry collection.

Find them here. 


Maybelline’s Super Stay Liquid Lipstick 

I have tried so many different matte lipsticks ranging from high-end to drugstore quality and the best by far has to be Maybelline’s Super Stay Matte liquid lipsticks. Since discovering this gem, I have bought about 4-5 different colours in the line and I am always looking to see when a new colour comes out. This inexpensive lipstick is well worth the money and definitely worth gifting!

Find the lipstick in a multitude of colours here. 


Festive Socks 

Receiving socks for Christmas is one of the best gifts one can get. It is so simple and inexpensive it also makes it a wonderful gift to give. This is why I always have to add them to my gift guides. This year I found the most incredible festive socks which have so many different patterns, you are sure to find a pair that suits your fancy.

Find different sets here.

Friends Mug 71+vhicRP8L._SL1500_.jpg

Nothing says “I’ll be there for you” quite like a mug with a tribute to the best sitcom ever made. Brew some coffee or steep some tea whilst sitting down to re-watch the series for the 10th time sounds like a perfect day to me and it will probably interest the person you’re shopping for as well!

Find the nostalgic mug here.

Bath Bomb 

One of the best ways us girls love to destress is to relax in a soothing bath with a luxurious bath bomb. Amazon has an amazing set perfect for the Christmas season!

Find this soothing set here.


Finding gifts can be challenging but I hope this list has helped you. For more gift ideas you can take a look at my blog tomorrow when I post a gift guide for him.

Until next time, happy shopping!

Ashley Legacy

Pictures are from Amazon, How To Wear, Where To Get It , MyBeautyfavs, & Buzzfeed


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