Holiday Bucket List


Each year I like to think of at least ten different activities or things I want to accomplish by the end of the holidays. This year like last was actually quite easy to make I just had to throw in a few things I’d never done before, mixed with things I really enjoy doing and voila it practically made itself! 

Here are a few things I’d like to do this holiday season: 

Go Skiing 

Something that you might not know about me is that I have never once went skiing. It’s something I really want to try as it looks like a lot of fun! Not to mention it’s a decent workout which I’ll be needing after all the delicious holiday sweets I eat.

 Have a Winter Photoshoot 

What scenery is more beautiful than after a crisp snowfall? This year I want to take advantage of the snow instead of hiding from it like I usually do…although there will be days I do that too! One of the best ways has to be meeting up with friends and having a wicked photoshoot. 

Make a Snowman 

18 years old and I still have the desire to go out and build a snowman but it just doesn’t seem like the holidays until you do! 

Go Skating 

When I first get on a patch of ice I’m usually quite wobbly but after a few minutes of steadying myself, I really get the hang of it! It’s definitely one of my favourite winter activities and also a really active one which is an added bonus. 

Plan a Festive Brunch 

Every time my friends and I plan to have brunch it usually means going out to a cafe or restaurant. This year I am in the mood to actually cook and host it at my place. I feel like it might be more special and different than any other time we go out. 

Watch ALL of the Harry Potter Films 

An annual tradition that my Sister and I have is watching the best Harry Potter Marathon, of course that includes ALL eight films. It takes quite a bit of time and a few breaks here and there but is one of the best, longstanding traditions. 

Bake my own Gingerbread House 

Usually when the holidays arrive, I buy one of those gingerbread house kits. In the kit the cookie pieces are already pre-made and shaped for you. As some find it easier and more convenient, I find it less than festive. This year I want more of a challenge. That’s why I’ll be making my own gingerbread and modelling the shapes myself. Who knows, maybe I’ll make a gingerbread castle? 

Go for a Winter Hike 

Another way to be active during the winter months, that I think I’d enjoy, is going on a winter hike. This is a great way to spend time with friends and take some great photographs. 

Have a NYE Party 

A new beginning should be celebrated although actually hosting a NYE party doesn’t always happen despite my best efforts. This year I will try my very best to host one and if that doesn’t work… Hopefully I’ll get to at least be at one! 

Begin a Scrapbook 

Seems like an odd one, but I would love to reflect on last years memories whilst preparing for this upcoming year’s grand adventures. A scrapbook seems like the best way to do this which is why I’ve added it to my bucket list! 

If you want to see when I do these things I like to keep my Instagram up to date with my festivities, so to stay in the know check it out here. 

Leave a comment telling me what is on your bucket list this holiday season! 

Ashley Legacy


2 thoughts on “Holiday Bucket List

  1. All of this sounds so fun! I’d love to do all the winter activities you named as well, especially skiing and a stroll through the snowy landscape. I just hope we get some snow this year…

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