Uptown Sparkles: Christmas Tree Lighting

Exam time is here and it is filled with studying, coffee, and a little stress. To provide some much needed relief, my friends and I set down our textbooks and flashcards to attend Uptown Saint John’s Sparkles event.

Finding parking was challenging but once we did, the festivities began. Walking down the streets of uptown Saint John was an experience in itself. There were so many different shops and boutiques!

I remember almost every lamp post had a Christmas decoration all lit up making it feel just like the holidays as you walked through the crisp air.


As it was a bit chilly, we stopped into Tim Hortons to grab some hot chocolate before heading down to the market square.

There were so many people packed into the market square building that we decided to not spend a lot of time in there. However, inside they had people serving out hot cider, candy canes and a few other little sweets.

I was a bit disappointed as I thought there would be an outside market with a few booths selling homemade items but that wasn’t there. I honestly have no idea why I thought there would be, but I digress!

The most magical event of the evening has to have been the tree lighting in the square. There was a choir singing holiday classics and many families and friends gathered to watch and perform a countdown to the tree lighting. When the moment came, it felt so special. This was my first time ever attending one of these ceremonies and I would definitely recommend finding one near you as it was a key moment for my holiday season.

What are you looking forward to this holiday season? Let me know in the comments.

Happy Holidays,

Ashley Legacy


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