Harry Potter: A Holiday Tradition 

Nothing says Christmas like revisiting the magical world of Harry Potter. Every holiday season my sister, Shelby and I always make time to watch the entire series over again and it each time feels just as incredible as the first time. From getting that first view of the Hogwarts castle to watching the Weasley family having their festive Christmas, the series remains solid on its foundation of love, friendship, and magic. I can’t imagine a Christmas without revisiting the series, either in the form of watching, reading, or both, the holiday’s just wouldn’t be the same. 


For this I have prepared a few must-haves if like my Sister and I, you too would like to revisit the magical world of Harry Potter this holiday season. 

Make your own Butterbeer! 

Ingredients include:     


2 tablespoons of water 

1 cup of brown sugar 

6 tablespoons of butter 

1/2 teaspoon of cider vinegar 

1/2 teaspoon of salt 

3/4 cup of heavy cream, divided 

1/2 teaspoon of rum extract                                                  

4 (12 oz) bottle of cream soda 


One – Have your stove top on medium heat and use a small saucepan. To begin, combine the brown sugar and water. Let it gently boil and cook while making sure you’re stirring often so it doesn’t stick. 

Two – Now, stir in the butter, vinegar, salt, and 1/4 of the heavy cream. Once those are all mixed well, set it aside to cool. 

Three – Once it has cooled down, you’ll want to stir in the rum extract. 

Four – Combine 2 tablespoons of the brown sugar mixture along with the remaining 1/2 of heavy cream into a medium sized bowl. Take about 2 to 3 minutes to to beat the ingredients using an electric mixer. You will want it to thicken, not be completed whipped. 


Five – Finally you are ready to serve! Divide the brown sugar mixture between four tall glasses (approx. 1/4 cup in each) Then you’ll want to add 1/4 cup of cream soda to each glass then, combine both by stirring. Fill each glass with additional cream soda then spoon the remaining whipped topping over each. 

Then voila! It’ll just be like you went to Hogsmeade village and you can sip on it as you watch the Harry Potter adventure unfold! 

If you’re looking for more Harry Potter inspired food you can take a look here: 

Chocolate Frogs Mold


It is cheaper to buy the mold and create your own chocolate frogs! Just melt the chocolate, pour it into the mold and let it chill until it’s hardened!

Bernie and Bots Every Flavoured Beans  

If you are looking for more Harry Potter styled food, you can also check out this unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook which includes many magical treats. Find it here.

Dress the Part

When I watch movies, I love to feel really cozy! I have gathered quite a few special yet comfortable items that make this possible and still look like I’m set to return to Hogwarts.


These socks were given to me by my mum cause she is the best and knows my love for Dobby the House Elf! They keep my feet warm and make me feel special whether I’m watching movies or reading. If interested I will link a similar pair here.

Other items you can consider buying to be cozy and demonstrating your love for the series are:

This Harry Potter, Marauders Map blanket.

A super chic pillow cover.

Perhaps this Sweater to snuggle into.

Hopefully this will help you prepare for your next great Harry Potter marathon!

Enjoy your butterbeer and let the magic begin,

Ashley Legacy


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