Winter can be brutal for skin. It’s dryness tends to soak up any moisture it has making it so important to adapt your skincare routine. Here’s what I do for my skin during the colder months of the year.

Step One: Cleanse and Exfoliate 

To begin my skin care routine I like to clean out my pores with a purifying pore scrub from Neutrogena Naturals. This cleanser works best on me as I find my skin tends to burn with other cleansers/pore purifiers. This product is free from harsh chemicals sulfates, parabens, and dyes which is another advantage to using it over some other products.

Step Two: Toner 

Until recently I discovered I had frequently missed a huge step in a proper skincare routine. That step being toning. When I was shopping at The Body Shop, the kind lady began asking me about my regular routine and pointed out my flaw in skipping this step.

img_0779 Toner helps to refine pores which helps eliminate a large majority of the bacteria that can find it’s way in without the use of this product. The lady recommended their Seaweed oil-balancing toner. Since I’ve started to use it, I have noticed a large difference in my skin. With just a minimal amount on one of my Quo, square cotton pads, it has enough product to cover my entire face. This is wonderful as I find it lasts quite awhile.

Step Three: Moisturize 

Depending on whether I’m doing my routine in the night or day will depend on the cream I use. However, both my night and day cream are from NIVEA. 

The night cream helps to fight dryness off when I’m sleeping and helps to repair any damage seen through-out the day. I find it’s formula is quite a bit thicker than my usual, light-weight day cream. Speaking of which, my day cream is formulated with an SPF 15 which is essential in protecting your skin. I find it also works well as a primer for those days I apply make-up. 

Did you know that even on the cloudiest of days your skin can be affected by the suns harsh rays? 

Products used are: 

Neutrogena Naturals – Purifying Pore Scrub 

The Body Shop Seaweed Oil-Balancing Toner 

NIVEA – Night and Day Cream 

Taking care of my skin instantly lifts my mood and makes me feel good about myself. We all need to take sometime to ourselves even if it’s just 5-10 minutes and there’s no better time to begin then the holidays. 

Happy self-care day,

Ashley Legacy



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