Ribbons, Bows, And Wrapping Paper

One of my all time favourite things about the holidays has to be wrapping presents. Although some can see it as a chore, I think it’s best to look at it like an extension of the gift you’re giving.

Personally, not knowing what lies beyond the wrapping is what creates the build up of excitement and if it’s done well, I know that a lot of care was put into it by the person giving it. As I believe this, I try to create the same feelings for those I give gifts to by taking extra care in how I arrange and package it.

Here are 3 ideas for you to take and adapt to fit your style of gifting.

1) The Classic Wrapping Paper

There’s nothing like tearing through wrapping paper to get to your holiday gift. There is something about it that is just different than using a simple holiday gift bag that I personally love. This is why I use this form of wrapping whenever possible.

This year I got a few different rolls of wrapping paper, all of which I love.

If you’re new to wrapping a present with this, here’s how!

1: Place the box in the middle of the wrapping paper. Ensure that you can cover all sides of the box before cutting the paper from the roll.

2: After you’ve cut your wrapping paper, bring both sides up and tape them down. It should look like a festive, paper burrito now.

3: To do the ends, smooth the paper downwards on the box and fix the sides so that they are smooth. On the very bottom, grab the corners and bring them to the box creating one large triangle shape.

4: Lift the triangle so that it is on the box and the present is covered. You will want to secure it with tape.

5: Now that it is secure, do the same on the                                                                            other side.

2) Personalize your Tags

There are plenty of ways you can get personal with your Christmas tags. Of course you could just write the simple To: and From: but where’s the fun in that?

Why not use nicknames, ask a question on the tag that they have to answer (ex. What’s your favourite holiday memory?), or write a small but fond memory you share. This creates a more personal experience that they’ll enjoy.

Finally, another option is using a picture to assign the gift. I have a really neat device called an HP sprocket. It’s about the size of my phone and works similar to that of a polaroid camera. Once filled with paper, you can connect your phone via bluetooth to the device and print out pictures directly from your camera roll.

Seems almost too perfect right? Well it gets better! Unlike a typical polaroid picture, the HP sprocket photo is also equipped as a sticker if you’d like. You just peel the back off and stick. This makes it super handy, especially around the holidays.

3) Get Fancy with your Ribbons

If you’ve ever been into a craft store near the holidays you’ve had to have been somewhat overwhelmed with the choices of ribbon. The selection is nearly always huge but I definitely find it enticing.

When choosing ribbon, I try to find very different textures and styles that I can mix and match with. Ribbon for smaller gifts or for larger gifts usually differ so I always consider that when looking. Here are a few ideas of ribbon that I selected this year, to help you.

Not only is your choice of ribbon important but so is what you do with it! Practice around with it, try to make different bows! If you’re having a really hard time, you can also always look for pre-made bows to save on time!

With these wrapping tips, you’re sure to have the nicest looking gifts this holiday season! If you’re a member, don’t forget to take a look at the forum for today’s Blogmas conversation and if you’re not, it’s super easy to sign up so you too, can participate in the holiday fun!

I’ll be back tomorrow for more Holiday cheer,

Ashley Legacy


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