How to Write an Academic Paper

Writing can sometimes be natural for people but for those that aren’t gifted with a pencil, it can be a real challenge. The good thing is that you don’t have to be a talented writer to present a well written academic paper. You just need to follow a simple format.

You first begin with your introduction. Keep in mind that a strong introduction clearly states exactly where the main argument of the essay is going. It identifies the central ideas and indicates the main issues which will be discussed. This means creating a clear thesis statement.

The goal of your introduction is to have the reader know where the rest of the essay is going after reading it. To know whether or not you’ve done this effectively, re-read your introduction, then read the first sentence of your paragraphs (topic sentence) and see if they compare. If they don’t, you might have a clarity problem that could appear disorganized and off topic. If they do, you’ve followed your topic and thesis well which will be evident to your professor when they mark the piece.

Once you’ve wrapped up your introduction and body paragraphs, it’s time for the conclusion to your piece. The conclusion needs to restate the thesis statement and make your reader feel resolved about what it is you’ve wrote about. If you can do this, you’ll have a wonderful concluding paragraph.

For any visual learners, below will be a visual representation of the format for academic papers:

By now, you should be ready to write your academic paper! However, I will leave you with one last piece of advice: never forget to source ANYTHING. Include a citations page of any borrowed information you’ve included. If this is a confusing topic to you now, I will be posting how to cite information in another post later on this month.

Until then,

happy writing!



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