How to Approach Multiple Choice

There are four steps in solving a multiple choice question. I will go through each step and I suggest you bookmark this page now as this information will be a lifesaver for when you’re prepping for a multiple choice quiz/test portion.

  1. Cover the answers with your hand or a piece of paper to allow yourself the opportunity to ONLY focus on what the question is asking. 

2. After you cover the answers, try to answer the question in your head (if possible). If you can answer the question in your head, it makes solving the problem that much easier. It will also provide a bit of confidence that will help you as you go through the rest of the multiple choice.

3. Now look at each answer. Start with A. If it’s not the correct answer and your sure of it,  mark an ‘X’ beside it. That way you will focus more attention on the ones that still have potential for being correct. This helps visually. Of course, you then want to continue down the potential answer list (b-d)


4. If you’re REALLY stuck on a question, make a mark and go back to it after. You don’t want to waste a lot of time on something worth so little and by moving a head you might just find the answer in another question.


  • Watch out for qualifying words. These could include: sometimes, if, always, etc.
  • Don’t leave a multiple choice question blank. Guess if you absolutely have to!
  • Look for answers that contradict each other. One is usually the right one so try to distinguish between the two.

I hope that after reading this you feel ready for the next multiple choice test or quiz that comes your way.

Tomorrow I will be posting lifesaving information on how you should review along with tips on how to do so!


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