Dorm Room Bedding

Hours scrolling through Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr have helped me find the best dorm room inspiration. This ‘research’ began in grade eleven and has continued up until this point. Each piece I’ve purchased has had some reason behind it and helps to complete the theme I’ve been trying to have. The theme is simply relaxation and peace. I want my space to reflect this to help when times get stressful.

Today, I will be showing you the bedding and decor that surrounds it.


Any great dorm room needs exceptional string lights. I spent a little while finding ones that I liked best and that were different from what I’ve seen before. Then I found these ones. Their geometric shape and copper colouring are what led me to them. It’s stunning and fits very well with my room. Not to mention, it makes for the perfect lighting at night.

The first item I bought was actually my tapestry. It’s this decoration that has made all the difference in my dorm and is really what I used to decide all of my other bedding choices. The banana leaves is quite botanical which is a trend that I’m really enjoying at the moment. It just seems fresh and relaxing.

As I want the tapestry to be the focus of the room, I went with quite simple bedding but still managed to play around with textures and patterns.


My sheets are white with a neat grey geometric pattern. This works really nice with everything as it’s different but subtle enough to fit. They also look interesting and go nicely with my body pillow that is grey with a white similar geometric pattern (although they weren’t bought together).

The top layer needed to be very simple, which is why I went with a basic, white duvet. Having this makes it so easy to match and pair with other decor.

My throw blanket is made with the softest material ever! It’s beige colour is quite different to the other colours involved with my bedding but definitely looks good. I think it’s because I stuck with quite earthy tones and colours. To make this look more put-together, I bought a throw pillow that matches.

Finally onto one of my favourite pillows. Like I previously mentioned, I have looked at a lot of different inspiration pictures and have seen this in a few of them. It’s my ‘Namast’ay in Bed‘ pillow. This was just so cute and worked perfect in my theme.

Overall, I’m very lucky to have a nice and cozy place to rest my head through-out my time at University studying. It might not be home, but it feels more like it now that I’m surrounded by comfortable things that make me feel at peace.

Thanks for reading,

Ashley Legacy

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