Saint Andrews, N.B

What does every summer bucket list need? A road trip with the girls and today I was able to check that off of my list.

My sister Shelby and my other (non-blood related) sister Kathy, and I ventured over to Saint Andrews in New Brunswick for a day full of adventure.

We started bright and early at 6:00am, but before hitting the road, we were all in desperate need of coffee so we stopped at Tim Hortons.

The trip there consisted of us chugging down our ice coffees and blaring our playlist with some perhaps less than average karaoke. By the time we did arrive, we felt wide awake and had pretty sore throats.

Saint Andrews is incredibly picturesque and reminded me a bit of our previous summer adventures in Charlottetown, P.E.I. due to all of the cute shops and cafes. I even managed to get a lovely photo for my Instagram which is always an added bonus on day trips!

We started our adventures with a whale watching excursion. Saint Andrews has many different companies who offer this but we decided to go with Island Quest who happened to have a fairly decent student discount (much appreciated!)

The boat ride was incredible! We first witnessed grey and harbour seals sunbathing on a small island. They were all so adorable and looked extremely comfortable lounging about.

The next marine creature we saw was porpoises. They are very similar to dolphins but can be found in our waters as they are a bit too cold for dolphins to enjoy. However, they were definitely a favourite of mine. They just had a goofy and fun persona to them as they swam. Kind of hard to explain but it’s for sure a thing you have to observe to understand.

Finally we saw a few finback whales. Our guide Mandy actually told us that they could grow to 80ft! Watching them as they moved along and breached was truly a special sight.

Through-out the rest of the whale watching tour, we saw sea birds, different methods that the locals use to catch fish, and Island Quest even had their own touch tanks on board. I was able to hold a starfish and touch a bunch of different sea plants.

When we arrived back on the dock, I was disappointed that it was over because I had seen so many incredible things but also relieved as I was starting to feel a bit nauseous.

Our day didn’t end with whale watching though, in fact it really had only begun.

We made our way to the Aquarium. It’s called the Huntsman Marine Science Centre. It wasn’t as large as I had expected but it was still cool nonetheless.

They had seals, starfish, lobsters, salmon, sea horses, and a few other marine life found around the area.

What I really loved about the facility was their dedication to conservation and education/research. It was really nice to see as I am a huge advocate for the preservation of marine life and the ocean.

Once we finished there, we headed back into town to visit all of the little gift shops. I just love looking through these as I always see so much! I often found that when I walked into a shop along this street, that I was transported else where. A lot of the merchandise appeared to have many different cultural influences which is always very intriguing.

In the end, I bought a very well made fleece sweater for the autumn/winter months that are approaching (faster than some may desire!) and a t-shirt to reminisce our time there.

As fun as this all was, I felt myself grow more and more tired, as well as sore. The heat was also near unbearable, even in my dress. I was not the only one to feel this way, Shelby, and Kathy were also ready to head out.

Saint Andrews is the perfect summer road trip and has a lot of unique aspects to enjoy especially if you’re a marine buff like myself!

I hope to return next summer where I could potentially go on a shark research expedition.

If you’ve ever been, let me know what you’re favourite part of Saint Andrews is in the comments section!

Ashley Legacy

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