Charlottetown, P.E.I

Charlottetown, PEI is an adorable town with loads of character. Last summer, my friend Amy and I ventured to the island for the day and I have to say, it was an absolute blast! We arrived in the quaint community of Charlottetown at around noon, so obviously our first stop was to find a place for lunch. We decided on a Beanz espresso bar & cafe. Whilst there, I ordered the BEST veggie burger. It was seriously delicious. The cafe itself was really eclectic and cute.

Once we finished eating, we spent the rest of the day as tourists. We must have visited almost all of the little gift shops. Many of these shops featured adorable novelties and A LOT of candy. Despite how great the little shops were, I think my favorite stop was the bookstore. The shelves were all completely stocked high to the ceiling with books & I even found a few odds and sods in there.

Amy and I also decided to take a wander through some of Charlottetown’s art exhibits. It was clear to see the amount of talent the island offered after seeing some of the locals artwork. One in particular I thought I’d share with you all is this painting by P.John Burden.

I thought all of his paintings were exquisite and whimsical. I definitely recommend checking out some more of his work.

Charlottetown is such a beautiful community with lots of character. It’s also an incredible place for someone like myself, who loves photography and cute cafes. Hopefully I’ll take another visit sometime soon!

Ashley Legacy

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