Barcelona, Spain

One thing I was quick to note was the beauty that Barcelona showed. It’s architecture had such intricate work and was beyond detailed. I especially admired the tile and stone work that could be seen through-out the entire city.

I was really able to see much of this during a walking tour on the first morning I was there. In fact the most famous church in Barcelona, the Sagrada Familia, was quite the sight to behold during the tour and perhaps one of my favourite through-out the entire trip. Although it is not quite completed, they have said it should be done in 2026, and you can bet that I’ve already started thinking about going back to see the finished product!


With the tour we were able to see many memorable places and views such as the Hotel Oriente which is featured in the James Bond films. Overall the walking tour of Barcelona was so interesting and a great way to see a lot of the city!



After the tour, I was free to roam around Barcelona’s square. There was plenty of shops, restaurants, and local cafes, but given the amount of time I had, it was impossible to see everything. This just gives me more of a reason to go back one day though!

The next day in Barcelona, was more relaxing but still quite adventurous. I spent the morning on the beach. Despite the wind, the weather was very warm and it felt so nice to be in the sun after a Canadian winter. I even managed to get my feet in the Mediterranean sea, in spite of the chilly waters.

Along Barcelona beach, you can see many vendors which my friends and I just had to stop at. I ended up buying the most gorgeous tapestry that now looms over my bed at home.

After our beach adventures, we headed to another tour, completely different than our initial walking tour. A group of us headed up to the gondolas, which look like capsules on suspensions that went over the beach and had a great view of the city.


When on the gondolas I remember having a surreal moment where I just looked out over all of Barcelona and thought, ‘wow, this is real. I’m really here right now’. It’s moments like these that I treasure.

The last string of events in Barcelona were iconic to say the least.

The group and I went to view traditional Flamenco dancing. We watched as the artists performed and were given Sangria (a drink associated with Barcelona) while we did so. It was so different from anything that I’d ever seen before and it’s because of this that the moment meant a lot. I only wish we’d have been able to take pictures, but I understand why they didn’t want us to as well.

After the show, we went back to our hotel and ate dinner there. It was a little bizarre as they gave us a huge plate of pasta but then after gave us fries and pork chops… it was awesome! I mean two meals in one? Amazing!

The next day will be filled with mostly travel as I am heading back to Canada. I am content in our travels but will miss a lot of what Europe has shown me. It will hold a very special place in my heart and I cannot wait until the day I go back!

Ashley Legacy


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