Paris, France

Oui, oui, c’est Paris! My adventures in Paris were breathtaking, from their architecture to their food, I was amazed. The two days weren’t enough to see all that it has to offer but I definitely got a great glimpse!

Day One

Upon arriving in Paris, we went right to the hotel in which we were going to be staying at, the B and B hotel. The interior was very modern and quite cozy, which after traveling on a train for a couple of hours, it felt lovely.
After lunch, we explored the Notre-Dame Cathedral. The idea that just 4 years ago, I was studying this building in art class, to then being immersed in it, was an unbelievable experience in itself.
 Once we finished exploring the cathedral, we went on a guided tour of Paris. We were able to see the Arc de Triumph, the Eiffel Tour, and a few other incredible places.



For dinner, we ate a delicious roast beef dinner: that included potatoes, salad, a baguette (when in Paris right?), and we washed it down with a glass of chardonnay. This was probably on of my favourite meals on the trip so far.
We kept going after dinner by venturing to ‘le sacre coeur’ church. I think I even preferred it to Notre Dame. The massive building was stunning architecturally and detailed finely. All in all, I was completely impressed.
Other than that, we went through little shops and bought a few souvenirs for loved ones and ourselves of course!
Two things I was quite certain on: Paris had a lot of amazing places and I couldn’t wait for tomorrow.

Day Two

We started the morning off with breakfast at the hotel, quickly followed by a brief train ride to the Palace of Versailles. The rooms were created with the most intricate of details and I was quite honestly astonished by it all. The amount of history that filled those walls was also something I thought about while walking about the marble floors.



One thing that made my experience in Paris worthwhile was that I later met up with a long-distance friend of mine, Johanna. She traveled on a train from Germany to spend a couple of hours with me, which was spent at the louvre.
The louvre itself was quite something. Never before had I seen so many paintings and sculptures. It was unbelievably remarkable.
Viewing the Mona Lisa in person was something that I was looking forward to seeing and I can happily say that it did not disappoint. Looking at Leonardo Divinci’s masterpiece, it felt surreal, like I wasn’t actually looking at his painting when in-fact I was. This moment was indeed, a very special one, however, I couldn’t get a decent looking picture. The one I did capture, does not do it justice and due to this, I won’t be posting it. Everyone should experience it in person.
Paris was nothing like a really thought it be, but in the end I enjoyed my experience there! I’m not too sure when I’ll be going back as it wasn’t one of those places that I felt the automatic desire to go back, like London was. However, it is a place where everyone should visit at least once in there lifetime. Au revoir Paris!

Ashley Legacy

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