London, England

One of the greatest adventures to be had is in the transit city of London. Exploring the old cobblestone streets, rich history, and detailing architecture can make for the most memorable trip. I certainly enjoyed my time whilst there! Despite my short trip of three days, I managed to see a lot of what London has to offer.


Day One

Upon arriving at the Heathrow airport, I was already amazed. Being a huge fan of the film, ‘Love Actually’, made being in the airport astonishing as I was able to picture certain scenes within the film as I walked towards the exit, with my carry-on luggage in tow.
I first traveled to the hotel in Watford Junction, The Holiday Inn Express so I could drop off my luggage and backpack. The hotel staff were very kind and the room was quite cozy and well decorated, which is something I always appreciate!
Next, I took London’s tube to Covent Gardens and then Leicester Square. At those places, I took in the scenery, looked around a few shops and market carts, watched a street performer, and found a quick bite to eat at Tesco. I ended up buying a croissant and a healthy mango juice as I wasn’t all that hungry. This took up most of the afternoon and before I knew it, it was time for dinner.
I went to this place called, “Mother Mash”. There I ate an authentic meat pie and mash (potatoes). It was one of the most delicious meals I’ve had in a long time and I really recommend going there, if you’re ever in the area.
After dinner, I was pretty knackered and headed back to the hotel where I crashed, hard.


Day Two

Today was packed with adventure, views, and exploration. It started off where yesterday ended; the Hotel. I took advantage of their complimentary breakfast, which was a delicious spread of assorted breakfast foods.
After gobbling down some breakfast, I was going on a bus tour. The bus tour was a great way to quickly view all of London as well as gain insight on the city and its history. We stopped at a few iconic places, one of them being the Buckingham Palace. Its was an honour to see it and then view the change of the guards. It was so precise and astonishing.
We then toured around the Tower of London, one of the oldest buildings in the United Kingdom. It was rich with history and the detailing within it was impeccable.
For dinner, we found ourselves at this fish and chips spot down by Saint Paul’s Cathedral. I’m not a particular fan of seafood but I truthfully didn’t mind the fish! It wasn’t an overpowering salty taste that seafood consists of. It was mild but tasty.
One thing that I have been looking forward to since I heard about it was the Harry Potter Walking Tour. This took place after fish and chips. On the tour, I was able to see the suspension bridge from the last Harry Potter film, the place where they shot Diagon Alley scenes, and many other places critical to the filming of the series.

Day Three

Starting off the day from the London eye was the best adventure. The view was remarkable and I could practically see all of London. The only disappointment I felt was Big Ben. It was under construction so unfortunately I couldn’t see the iconic clock tower. However, that just means I need to go back when it’s finished!
The next thing we did on our final day in London was explore Shakespeare’s theatre, The Globe. This building was quite something to see. As I have learned about it each year in English class for as long as I can remember, it was quite something to actually view it in person. Knowing much of the history behind a building just makes it all the more interesting.
From there, we ventured off to Oxford Street where we ate lunch at Five Guys. They have the BEST milkshakes. Not to mention, their burgers were also delicious.
After eating, we took a run into Primark for a bit of shopping. One thing I will say is that Primark has the most adorable clothing for such amazing prices. I, myself purchased a few things and all that I could say is that I’m lucky we don’t have any around where I live. If we did, I’d be broke due to buying so much!
For dinner, we ate at Wagamama’s. There I had this spicy noodle and veggie dish. It was very good and easily a new favourite of mine!


To conclude our final night in London, we went to watch the famous musical, ‘Wicked’. The performances by the cast were impeccable! As someone who does enjoy theatre, I had never actually watched a professional show before. I had the greatest experience watching this and now, I want to go watch more musicals.

London has quickly became one of my favourite travel destinations I’ve been to yet. It’s a place with such an incredible atmosphere, loads of history, and beautiful scenery. The United Kingdom, is definitely a place I could see myself living in, perhaps not quite in London, but maybe a smaller city or the countryside… Either way I’ll be going back and exploring much more of what the U.K has to offer!

Ashley Legacy

5 thoughts on “London, England

  1. I spent time in London myself: 4 and 1/2 days.

    Day 1: arrived at Heathrow. Went to the hotel that we will be staying at for just two nights. We just walked around that day. We just sight saw that day. My family saw Wesminster, Big Ben. So not anything really happened that day.

    Day 2: Now things really did happen. We took the tube to King’s Cross to visit Platform 9 3/4. Then bought some souvenirs. After King’s Cross, my family went to St. Pancreas. After all of that, it was time to go back to the hotel. Mom and I had to get ready for Les Mis. When I actually saw the theatre, it did not seem real, it only felt like when I heard the first note- I was in the 9th row in the Stalls- that was how close we were.

    Day 3- my family went back in Heathrow Airport to meet the other pilgrims. This was way we were in England. My family church choir was in residence at Bristol Cathedral, and a pilgrimage was planned around it. The pilgrimage began in London so my family went up early. We were told to meet to meet up at a certain place in the airport. Today was Windosr Castle Day. Our hotel was near the Airport.

    Day 4- Walking tour of London. This was when I actually saw Buckingham Palace. Later that night, all of us pilgrims went to Evensong at Westminster, and we sat in the quire. It was to prepare us for what was to come at Bristol Cathedral.

    Part of Day 5- Eucharist at St. Paul’s Cathedral under the dome. Then my family went to the millineum bridge, the same bridge the death eaters destroyed in Harry Potter. We headed over to Tower of London, where the two buses were to take us to Bristol. We got to walk across the Tower Bridge and around Tower of London before the buses left.

    So a very short visit in London. At least a dream was fulfilled- I saw Les Mis. I got see the guards. As for the rest of the trip, was very transforming


      1. My entire experience in England was terrific. I was kind of nervous leaving London and heading to Bristol. I need really know Bristol. As time went by, I learned to love the town. Each day, we did these half trips such as Bath, Berkeley Castle, Bath, Chepstow Castle and Tintern Abbey. The other half we were in Bristol, where at night we would attend Evensong. There was one day where the choir would have the night off- that was our Stonehenge, Old Sarum, and Salisbury Cathedral Day. So add what I did in London to that- that is what my England experience was like.

        If I ever make it back to England, I just want to spend my entire time in London.


      2. I only was in England because my family’s church choir was in residence at Bristol Cathedral. I wanted to go- what interested me in going was the castles and cathedrals.

        I only got 4 and 1/2 days in London so I didn’t get to experience the full scope of London.


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